Convergent eye aim, or crossed viewing:

Can you cross your eyes enough to put the puppy in his dog house?  Can you make him stay in the house?

Help:  If you have trouble, try placing your finger in the screen in the middle between the dog house and the puppy.  Keeping your eyes on your finger, bring your finger towards your nose.  In the background, you should see the puppy moving towards the house.  Stop when it looks like he is inside.  Without moving your eyes, pull your finger out of the way.




If you did it right, you should feel your eyes pull inward and the picture should look something like the picture below.  Your brain takes the pictures from your left and right eyes and combines them into the middle picture you see!  Cool, uh?



Dispelling the Myth:  If your mother ever told you not to cross your eyes because they might "stick" that way, don't worry!  They won't.  In fact, crossing your eyes is an important visual skill!



Divergent eye aim, or parallel viewing:

Can you put the ball on top of the seal's nose without crossing your eyes?  Stare past the screen, as if you are looking far, far away.  This is harder for some people.  You can't look AT the seal, you have to look BEYOND the seal.  Try pretending your computer screen is a window, and look out the window far away!  

Help: If you have trouble, try this trick:  Lean forward until your nose is nearly on the picture of the seal, and then slowly pull back without moving your eyes.  Does this help the ball look like it's on the seal's nose?  Can you keep it there? 



If you did it right, your eyes should have an unfocused feel, like when you're daydreaming, and the picture should look something like the one below. Again, your brain takes the separate pictures from both eyes and combines them into the new picture in the middle.




There are more activities in the "Eye Teaming" section that will help you practice controlling your eye aim using both viewing methods.   The pictures we've gathered for you to use are fun, and you'll get a chance to improve your eye teaming skills! 


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